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The “Aqua” cladding created by Imar, regulates light and minimizes the solar radiation over this Moragues Puga building

The design of José Moragues Puga for the Public Library and Socio-Cultural Center in Javea, Valencia, is inspired by the concept of a solid volume floating on the sea, as if it was a floating cage or a fishing net. The sea, present in the lives of the neighbours of the fishing district where it is located, materializes in the Imar´s "Aqua" design. A slight second skin in movement, that surrounds the facade of the building and gives to the architectonic volume, the idea of weightlessness that its creator looks for.

The second skin developed and manufactured by Imar, not only provides visual appeal, but also minimizes the impact of solar radiation inside the building, especially in the study areas inside the Library, avoiding excessive heating and optimizing energy consumption.

This metal solution proposed by Singular Studio with the advice of our team, was defined to ensure maximum penetration of sunlight in winter and preventing the entry of the sun light in summer thanks to the calculated angulation of the openings.

The different areas of the metal cladding protect the more private spaces of the Library located in the upper levels, without eliminating the desired natural light. It helps to achieve the desired levels of illumination, diffusing natural light by the filter of the perforated pattern. Also, a game of lights and shadows is created and causes, according to the intensity of the rays of the sun at the different times of the day, a change in the perception of the color of the metal.