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Metal Cladding Panels - BHS Lord Street Liverpool

Metal cladding for the refurbishment of the well-known BHS building on Lord Street, Liverpool.


Old BHS refurbishment. Photography ® IMAR

Liverpool's most important shopping street has witnessed one of the city's most substantial renovations. The emblematic building, once home to the old BHS and owned by the Belgian group Vabeld, has a new look thanks to its ImarOrography® lacquered aluminium metal façade with panels up to 5 meters long, developed together with Maple Sunscreening Ltd.

The attachment system with punched hanging hooks revealing an anchor-free façade stands out, in addition to the stiffener welded onto the unseen surface in order to give the panels greater mechanical resistance.

Photography courtesy of Maple Sunscreening Ltd.

Hanging panels detail ® IMAR

Drawing of the perforated and bended panel. ® IMAR

Perforated metal Drawing. ® IMAR

The project has been led by construction company Graham Construction and Falconer Chester Hall Architects.

It will soon be announced which company will occupy this modernised building, situated on the centrally located Lord Street in Liverpool.