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New Kuwait International Airport


IMAR double skin for the new Kuwait Airport Control Tower is progressing as planned. Panels geometrically adapted to the building's irregular shape have been used in this project, made of 5 mm thick powder-coated aluminum.

The different diameters perforation creates a pattern inspired by the Mashrabiya's lattices, terraces of traditional Arab architecture since the Middle Ages.


NACO, responsible for the remodeling of the Airport and the construction of the new Air Traffic Control Tower, selected IMAR to create a majestic double skin that, in addition to protecting the interior from the sun, allows the sunlight to pass through, and embellishes the building.

The project also includes the implementation of rainwater harvesting solutions in underground containers at the airport to add to the improvement of sustainability.


The construction team has extensive experience working on similar projects such as the Frankfurt International Airport, as well as the Abu Dhabi International Airport with similar environmental challenges.

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