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Traditional Wicker Braid in Metal - Metal Deploye

IMAR recreates traditional wicker braid in metal for Zorroza Jai Alai court


The new Jai Alai court in Zorroza, Bilbao, was inaugurated in July. A metallic infrastructure created by Imar offers neighbours a new space for local residents to carry out various sports, cultural and commercial activities.

The project, designed by the Bilbao studio Epa Arquitectos, draws its inspiration from the elements that accompany Basque pelota to emulate traditional woven wicker basketry in a subtle, elegant way. A great challenge that the Imar technical and production department has successfully materialised.

The chosen material, perforation and coating allow for a unique design that fulfils a double function; protecting the activities carried out within the space and allowing light into the enclosure with veiling effect.

To carry it out, Imar has developed a solution consisting of a structure of frames in which made-to-measure, galvanized steel sheets of different widths with different perforations are braided by means of a handmade process. The result is a sense of openness to the outside provided by an average 35% perforated area to create a nuanced transparency.

With a unique design covering 650 m2 with an iridescent golden coating that varies in colour depending on how light is reflected, Imar successfully achieved the wicker basket effect sought by the architects.