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Expand your imagination with IMAR’s expanded mesh.


Cetys University, Studio Huerta © Grupo Básica

Expanded metal, expanded mesh or better known as "deployé", its a solution that is made thanks to a metal cutting and stretching process. The result is a mesh with diamond-shaped spaces and other types of patterns. The difference between the multitude solutions will depend on the open area, that is obtained with the combination between the width of the cut, the stretch that is requested and the thickness of the rib of the material.

Range of varieties that we offer at IMAR.

Many types of metals can be expanded including aluminum, stainless steel, steel, corten steel, among others. As well as applying different finishes; from transparent lacquers for industrial applications, to special lacquers and anodized for large building façades or interior cladding where aesthetic prevails.

The limit is your imagination.

Deployé can be mixed with other processes like perforation or bending to achieve unique architectural results such as the Midtown Car Park, designed by the London based studio Lovelock Mitchell, where two types of mesh are overlapped creating amazing images on its facade.

Midtown Coach & Car Park, Lovelock Mitchell © Mauri Martín Marín

Some benefits that expanded mesh includes:

  • Cost: The expanded metal process covers a bigger façade surface with less raw material.

  • Weight and Resistance: Due to the geometry that it acquires in the stretching process, the mesh gains inertia and rigidity. In addition, it is a light solution compared with other products that need folds to be more resistant. As a result, you will get an easy-to-install panel and a more economical solution.

  • Acoustic Properties: The meshes created especially for this purpose, serve as insulation and improve the acoustic performance.

  • Energy Efficiency: Optimizes the efficiency of a building by minimizing the impact of solar radiation on the interior allowing the enter of natural light.

Rubí Market, Mías Arquitectes © IMAR

The use of expanded mesh in architectural projects mix together aesthetics, security and privacy, as well as greater ventilation and energy savings.

For more information, consult our technical and architecture department. They will advise you about this very common but, at the same time, very unknown process.