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Corten steel, the imagination of designers.


Glasgow Fort Car Park, Cooper Cromar © Mauri Martín Marín

Since its development, corten steel has captivated the imagination of designers. The beautiful and ever-changing of corten surfaces create an on-going visual dialogue with their environment, evolving as time goes by.

Corten steel is versatile and can be adapted to any type of building and geometry. It can be used as an element in an exterior rain screen facade, within an interior panel system with a high performance clear top coat (or raw), as signage, or in artistic pieces. They can be expanded, perforated or embossed with different patterns to create architecturally distinguished facades with an elegant natural brown patined textur

Interactive History Museum of Lugo, Nieto Sobejano © IMAR

The marvellous paradox of weathering steel is that rust cures rust. When the corten is exposed to the atmosphere, it develops an ordinary layer of oxide that, as time goes by, gradually becomes as a protective oxide which creates a beautiful patina that prevents additional corrosion.

Source: COR-TEN por Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal

Evolving over time and changing its color. From a reddish orange finish to a dark brown color, with a more grayish tone in between. A material that presents economic advantages such as free maintenance, as well as being 100% recyclable and not needing organic coatings to be resistant, safe and non-flammable (Euro Class Al).