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Advantages of the use of IMAR perforated metal in Educational Centres


The Lady Elizabeth Junior School metal facçade, Benitachell, Alicante. © Arquivir Arquitectos

Lower energy consumption and greater environmental comfort

IMAR's metal double skin provides thermal comfort by reducing incidence of sunlight in summer and protecting from the direct impact of rain and cold during winter, generating a significant reduction in energy consumption. In environments with extreme temperatures, it can prevent heatstrokes and avoid reductions in school hours, which are increasingly common due to climate change.

OKE Library double-skin with a “translucent cover” effect, Ortuella. AQ4 Arquitectura © Adrià Goula Sardà

Transparency and interior brightness 

The panels, with their small perforations, create a veil effect that allows natural light into the space and gives good visibility when looking outside.

Various geometries metal façade for Livity School in London, Harverstock Architects © J.M Aparicio 

Images & patterns metal façade for Urkide school, Vitoria. Roberto Ercilla Aquitectura ® IMAR

Safety and aesthetics 

At IMAR, we can offer you an infinite variety of façade options with folds, patterns or images. There are also enclosures with a wide variety of shapes and metallic materials that protect children’s privacy and access from the outside without giving a feeling of seclusion. In addition, all of our products have a Euro Class A1 rating; they are flame-retardant and prevent spreading in the event of a fire.

San Juan Bosco School metal cladding, Burceña. Iñaki Tanco Architect © IMAR

Economy and functionality

They are easy to install, and our unlimited options provide unique character and personality with the best possible advantages. They are suitable for areas covered by school playgrounds - they insulate against cold, protect against rain and allow natural light to enter - and as cladding for new or renovated buildings for leisure and sports activities - they provide thermal and acoustic protection - as well as for use indoors as acoustic cladding or to create mobile dividing panels that allow flexible compartmentalisation of spaces.