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A very special IMAR building to look forward to in 2021


Dezeen, one of the main reference sites for architects all over the world, looked forward to the architecture that we will talk about over the next year. Among them, the F51 – Folkestone Skatepark with IMAR expanded mesh façade. The Guy Hollaway Architects’ project is the world's first purpose - built multi-storey skatepark. A building to look forward to in 2021.

This unique building incorporates a technology developed by IMAR consisting of a double expanded fixed to individual and structural framed cassettes with an internal cladding that solves both skin –internal and external–.

Thanks to the high technical and development capacity of our Technical and Production Area, we have been able to develop the special "distorted expanded" mesh as well as the complex frame elements to fit the design intends required by Guy Hollaway Architects who trusted us for the assistance and fabrication of every single cassette for this iconic building.

Noticia Dezeen